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Robotic arm is used to do particular repetitive task and this robotic arm can be 4DoF or 6DoF according to the requirements. In this robotic arm servo...Read More

IR Remote Control Car

This is project on consequent generation of device cars wherever signal attenuation is totally out of the image. ...Read More

Smart Farming System

This project aims to develop a Smart Farming system which provides the means of getting live data from farm such as temperature, humidity, soil moistu...Read More

Home Automation: Home Assistant

we will find out how to put in Home Assistant on the Raspberry Pi and we are going to also find out how to look at the ESP32-CAM steam.We square measu...Read More

Ultrasonic Radar

This project aims of to build an ultrasonic radar system with arduino to get exact distance and angle of fixed objects placed around the device based ...Read More

MQTT Temperature and Humidity Monitor for Home Assistant

This project was terribly straightforward - two elements area unit needed: Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WAN This sensing element looks to be...Read More

Tripwire Automatically Minimizes Tabs When Someone Walks By

This project Aims to maintain computer privacy by using a sensor which detects if someone comes closer to computer such that it sends the command to m...Read More

Smart Irrigation System

This project aims to develop a solution which waters the plant automatically whenever needed....Read More


It is a autonomous following robot which will follow you wherever you will go no matter what will be the direction with the help of Compass module....Read More


The movement of the robot arm can be controlled by a computer via the internet.This robot can be used to demonstrate that a robot can be used inside a...Read More

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